SUMMARY: How to reset the firmware password on Ultra 450?

From: Umesh Potbhare <>
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 18:01:59 EDT
Hi All,

Could not find any solution other than changing the NVROM.
Finally, we ordered NVROM from sun and changed it and system is up and
running now.

Thanks to everybody who replied.


Paul Wilkinson, Darren Dunham who guided me through following web site
which tells more about NVROM faq.

Thanks once again.

Best Regards,

Umesh Potbhare wrote:

> Hi there,
>                Today I applied flash-update-450-latest and updated flash
> prom on Ultra 450.
>                  The patch number of the flash update is 106122-09.
>                 Everything went smooth, but..
>                 After successful update system rebooted and now it is
> not booting.
>                 If I try to press STOP-A even then system is asking me
> firmware password.
>                Do you have any IDEA how to reset the password?
>                Due to this I can not proceed with system upgrade.
>               I appreciate all responces.
>                Thanks and Regards, -Umesh
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