UPDATE re: Help configuring Storedge t3 -- host adapter card not working?

From: Scott McCool <smmccool_at_aethersystems.com>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 15:34:46 EDT
I should have included more information about the host system in my original

It's an E420, running Solaris 8 with the recommended patch cluster and also
all available patches from the t3 matrix on sunsolve.  I've updated the
controller firmware on the T3 as well.

Derrick D. suggested a "reset" then "probe-fcal" and "probe-fcal-all".
Nothing shows up when I do that.

Gert K. suggested applying appropriate patches, which I did.

Elizabeth L. said things seemed to work fine on their 2.8 host system and
warned that partner groups could cause cabling headache, but a single T3
like my setup should be ok.  She also suggested a boot -r, which I tried to
no avail.

To further clarify -- the solid amber light is the one right next to the FC
plug on the T3.  If I unplug the fibre cable the light goes green, when I
plug it in and connect it to the host, it goes solid amber.  The t3 docs
indicate that amber lights on the unit are problems.  That, coupled with the
fact that the host doesn't see any devices, lead me to believe that the card
isn't recognized by the host.  The fact that the FC/AL adapter setup CD was
still in the box when I got it leads me to believe the previous admin never
got the card working.  

I can't find the SUNWssadv package that the FC/AL card's docs suggests need
to be installed.

That's about all I know about the problem right now.  I'm still open to any
and all suggestions.  I think my next step is going to be a fresh OS install
on the host machine and then a fresh install of patches...

Original email/problem below.  I'll summarize again when I get things
figured out.



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Subject: Help configuring Storedge t3 -- host adapter card not working?

I'm having trouble configuring a Storedge T3 disk array.  I have connected
it to the host system (FC interface, plus an ethernet cable into the hub).
I can get the array to boot up and can telnet to it and perform whatever
shell administration I want to do on the array itself.

When it comes time to get the host system to recognize the array as a valid
drive in format or whatever disk utilities, it never shows up.  The host is
an E220 with a FC adapter card (I believe it's a Symbios 53c875 -- at least
that's what shows up as the Model name for that PCI slot with prtdiag (Name
is "scsi-glm/disk (block)")).

I've tried "luxadm insert" as the Storedge's manual recommends, as well as a
'boot -r'.  The manual just says that the device name should be available
when running 'format' on the host system, but it never shows up.

"luxadm insert" fails and says "no new devices were added" and "no new
enclosures were added".

The biggest clue to me that there may be a physical problem is that the
status light by the FC connector on the Storedge is solid Amber, and it
seems like it should be green.  I don't know how to diagnose that, though,
and the manual isn't much help.. If I unplug the cable the light turns
green, as soon as the cable is connected it goes solid amber. 

Any advice is much appreciated.  I inherited this hardware and have a few
days to play with it and make sure it works before we find a permanent home
for it, as you can tell I've never worked with a Storedge array.

Thanks, I will of course summarize.

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