SUMMARY: disksuite help

From: rick francis <>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 13:13:33 EDT
thanks for helping everyone.

on Solaris 7 it's on the Solaris easy access server cd
on Solaris 8 it's on the install cd 2 of 2 under the
/cdrom/../Solaris/EA/ directory

disksuite is a kernel/driver function, so no daemon
operates on the devices. use metastat to frequently
quantify disksuite operations.


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fortunately, disksuite was installed on the server i
needed it to be on. however, i have another server,
but i don't have the cd. where is the cd for
disksuite? the packages SUNWmd/mdg/mdn are not on the
installation 1 or 2 cds.

part II

metastat says okay about things, but how exactly do i
know disksuite is running and working?

thank you.

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