SUMMARY: Network Shell/global shell utility

From: Paul Updike <>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 17:01:42 EDT
I received a number of responses on this and I really appreciated them.

The responses came in two basic camps: 1. cfengine or other
configuration manager and 2. global shell utilites.

1. Cfengine and other configuration managers.
Of this variety I was recommended cfengine, tivoli and Network Shell.
Overwhelmingly, cfengine was the favorite response to my request.

2. Global shell utilities
Of these, _Mr._Shell_ (mrsh) and _Global_ were both recommended and a
couple of kind people offered me some homegrown wrappers they had
written around rsh/ssh. I had three people recommend _Global_ and one
person recommend _Mr._Shell_.

I believe that my ultimate solution will be to do a full install of
cfengine but this appears to require a bit of change in systems
management mindset. As such I am going to evaluate _Global_ and
_Mr._Shell_ and use one of them in the interrim,at this point they both
appear to be great utilities.


Everything else you'll have to look up at their corporate site.

Special thanks to:
Paul Keener
Rob McCauley
Ric Anderson
Mark Bergman
Adrian Stovall
Christopher David Pruden
Paul Mcintire
Jeff Kennedy
Walt Sullivan
Derrick Daugherty


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