SUMMARY: LDAP: dsypinstall error

From: Karki, Prabhat <>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 14:22:12 EDT
---My question was

Hi all,
I have installed Netscape Directory Server 4.11 on a system running Solaris
I'm trying to synchronize my LDAP server with NIS server. 
I need to use dsypinstall utility that comes with NIS extension package.
When I start the dsypinstall untility, I get an error saying 'dsypinstall
failed (LDAP server must be running as root).
Well too bad that my LDAP server is running as nobody. I had it set up like
that during the LDAP installation because I was not too sure about how I
wanted it to setup and nobody was the default.
I tried using chown command to change the owner from nobody to root of the
slapd directory but when I do that I couldnt restart the slapd process as
root. The process just wont start.
So is there any files that I can edit so that I can restart slapd server as
Any help would be great!


Prabhat Karki.

The localuser entry in slapd.conf file was changed from nobody to root and
it worked just fine.
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