Re-Summary: IDE Drives on Ultra 5 and Ultra 10s

From: <>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 09:46:11 EDT
This is a clarification from Keith. D. Campbell on using IDE drives. I
appreciate his input :

I missed your original query, other people might have
mentioned this:

Solaris 7 will only recognize IDE drives upto 32Gig.  If
you use something like a 40Gig, Solaris 7 will see it as
an 8Gig.  You have to upgrade to Solaris 8 to use the
larger drives.  (I heard a rumor that the last release of
7 (11/99?) could handle the larger drives but I don't
have that release to test this theory.)

I have personally used several 30Gig Maxtor drives in
Ultra 5's without problems, other than a sporadic message
on the system console about an interrupt 4 not serviced,
but that is because I am missing a few patches.
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