SUMMARY: Looking for a good Solaris 8 package reference

From: <>
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 12:50:09 EDT
Here is the original post:

"I'm working on slowly minimizing the number of packages installed on our
production Oracle machines.  When I do a 'pkginfo' it shows me the package
name and a brief description of what it is.  For a lot of packages that is
enough info for me to decide whether we need it or not.  For some though, I
could use a better explanation and summary of features.  I was wondering if
there was a page on Sun's site or anywhere else that gave a detailed
description of each package in Solaris 8."

Special thanks to the following:

Farzad Hejazi
Alan Orndorff
Chris Josephes
Hamid T. Ouyachi
Todd Wilkinson
Richard Cove
Przemyslaw Bak

The general consensus was that trial and error was the best method of
minimizing installations.  There are several good documents on the
Blueprint's page but none of which are Oracle specific.  I guess I just
need to put some time into it and hash it out for myself.  Thanks again...

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