Summary: How can I "see"the new drives without reboot ?

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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 11:19:42 EDT
Thanks to everybody who responded:
Ed Rolison
Steve Mickeler
Doug Otto
Oscar Arranz
Ric Anderson
Tim Evans
Jonathan Katz
Farzad Hejazi
Vinnie German
Valentin Georgescu
Brian Witgen
Steve White
I got useful suggestions which boils down to the following:
Is not posible to attach new lun's without reboot. There is, however, a
Configure more LUN's than you need and reboot, and next time you have =
to add
new lun's you can just use:
drvconfig -i sd
vxdctl enable
If you have Solaris 7/8, you can use devfsadm instead drvconfig/disks =
the same results.
There is also a small inconvenient: Every time you reboot with
reconfiguration, you have to wait until all the inexistent lun's are =
out. This takes a wile, so add lun's entries for future use with =
caution. A
normal reboot (without reconfiguration) does not seem to have this =
(altough some people told me otherwise).
Anyway, since we speak about systems which are seldom rebooted, the
workaround could be usefull (in fact we already use it here for a =
while, but
because we keep the lun's entries for not-yet-installed devices at a
minimum, almost every time we add more lun's than expected, and we =
need to reboot. But at least we can add some drives in an instant =
reboot, if there is an urgent need).=20
Thanks again !
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