SUMMARY: Ultra5 with Adaptec 29160

From: Kale, Nandkishor <>
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 05:04:28 EDT
Hi all,

Original question is at the bottom:

Following are the responses. No solution yet to my problem.

Piard, Frederic :The only SCSI cards I have installed in SUN Ultra 5 are
from Antares(PCI-SCSI-U2WL). I am quite sure that the Adaptec cards (neither
won't works.

Ice: Are you sure that this card is compatible with SPARCs ?

As i remember there was an adaptec scsi adapter that had name Bla-Bla-XYZ (
PC ) and Bla-Bla-XYZ-OW for sparcs. OW means OpenFirmware. And card without
doesn't work with sparcs.

Check this ( one line ):
( Search on this location seems to give a driver, but it it only for SUN on

Wade, Wally: Don't know if it is the problem or not but we have had problems
with adaptec
card in ultra-5 and 10's
We can use other manufactures and they seem to work fine.  I believe there
is no driver for the adaptec.

and finally
Bill "Elvis" Gibbs: Yes, they don't work.  Adaptec doesn't make any Sun
compatible cards.  It's
Solaris _Intel_ only.

We just ran into the same situation yesterday and Adaptec informed us they
don't support Sparc hardware.

Summary: All seem to suggest that Adaptec cards are not always supported on
SPARC architecture and no drivers are available. I also got confirmation
from SUN support guys that this particular card is not in compatibility
list. Only few card models are supported. So better be careful when buying
Adaptec cards for Sun SPARC.

Original Question; 

> Hi,
> I have a Ultra-5 with "5.7 Generic_106541-15 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10".
> Recently received from customer an Adaptec 29160 PCI card and external
> disk array. 
> The disks are not seen with either probe-scsi  or with reconfigure reboot.
> Has anybody had luck with these Adaptec card on Ultra 5 box.
> I would appreciate any kind of help and will summrise.
> Nand
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