SUMMARY: Luxadm does not pick up a5000 array

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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 03:41:56 EDT
Many thanks for the replies (benr, kris briscoe,Dave Harrington)
however, the problem has been identified as a faulty backplane within
the array.

The server consists of 2 i/o cards holding 4Gbic's.  Card 1 holds c0 and
c1. card2 holds c4 and c5.  Array0 is connected via fibre on c0 and c4,
array1 is connected via fibre on c1 and c5.  Card 1 had been replaced
earlier in the day after fibre channel errors had been reported. The
problem was array1 was not being seen by luxadm and the disks/devices
could not be identified by either path.  The other array0 was fine.  The
array itself looked and reported it was fine - unfortunately it lied... =20
After much time spent in the server room on hands and knees we
identified that one half of the backplane was faulty (as soon as this
was disabled we were able to see the other half of the array!)  This has
now been replaced and is working again.

       Jill Ridsdale

   Network & Systems Management
   Yorkshire Electricity
   Limewood Approach
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