Summary: a little off topic - annual meetings?

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Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 09:19:05 EDT

I received a number of replies from individuals some asking for a summary
and others with info.  I have pasted the
responses about events at the end of this message.

Thanks for all the info.

jim jones

___________________________________ reply ---------------------- is more than Sun but certainly useful.

Look at and the LISA/Technical conferences.

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Sun has SUPerG, a twice yearly users group conference and technical

The next conference is Oct. 8 - 11 in Amsterdam. Information is at:

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There's Networld & Interop, and there is Sunworld.  I've found Networld &
InterOp more exciting than DECUS because it covers a far wider range than
what Digital/Compaq did, but I haven't been to Sunworld.

I believe both of these conventions are hosted in many major cities around
the world, but of course, I wouldn't know if they are where you are.

Regards ...

USENIX has conferences which always get a very large sun presence, on the
vendor side and the user side.

This is really the best forum since they are open systems, then it opens up
users of veritas products, perl, linux, solaris, etc..

Do you want specifically SUN?  If not, you might want to check out SAGE's
LISA conference.  See
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