SUMMARY: 300 MHz CPU shows up as 256 MHz in Ultra2

From: Farzad Hejazi <>
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 17:02:26 EDT
Fixed. The problem was not the board or cpu. It was another jumper that was
supposed to be set (J2301) according to Sun, J2201 was to be set but
actually the one that mattered in my case was 2301...

Thanks to all that tried to help.

Farzad Hejazi

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Subject: Follow-up: 300 MHz CPU shows up as 256 MHz in Ultra2

Ok, I was given two suggestions to my problem (at the end of this email).

1. My system board is an old one (83 MHz) and needs to be upgraded. (Matthew
2. The OBP firmware needs to be upgraded in order to support a 300MHz proc.
(Adrian Stovall)

Unfortunatelly, none of the above solutions fixed my problem. I applied the
patch to upgrade OBP to 3.25 which was done successfully, however, it did
not solve the issue.

Then, I called Sun and ordered a new system board. I replaced it and it
still doesn't work!
(I set the J2201 jumper also, ofcourse).
The machine still recognizes the 300Mhz processor as a 256MHz.
I did try 5 other identical procs also to no avail.

HELP! :(

Farzad Hejazi

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Subject: Re: 300 MHz CPU shows up as 256 MHz in Ultra2

Sounds like the difference in a 83 and 100Mhz UPA.

I suspect you have a very old Ultra-2, that originally sold with 167Mhz
processors.  (2x83.)

The CPU module you have installed has a 3x clock multiplier, and thus you
getting 3x83, rather than the 3x100 you were expecting.

Farzad Hejazi wrote:

> Even though I set the jumper (J2201) according to the FE handbook, the 300
> MHz CPU shows up as 256 MHz in my Ultra2.
> Has anyone out there experienced that before? What could be the pronblem?
> Any advice would be appreciated. I'll summarize.
> Farzad Hejazi
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