SUMMARY: serial/console server

From: Michael Fernando <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 17:04:03 EDT
My original query:

> We have about 200 Sun, Compaq/DEC, IBM/AIX, etc. boxes in a server 
> room.  Currently, the serial ports are connected via an Annex box 
> to provide remote console access.  (Telnet to annex and connect to
> a port for the console.)
> I'm looking for a newer device that can do the same as above, plus
> has secure (ssh) connection to the device.  Multiple boxes to get
> 200 ports is okay.  Telco type connectors would be ideal.

Many thanks to these folks for suggestions:

 Matthew Hallam
 Patrick Turner
 Kelly McDonald
 David Bader
 Tim Chipman
 Bara Zani
 David Evans
 David Harrington
 Brooke King
 Paul LaMadeleine
 Hagan Douglas
 Kevin Graham
 Julian Simpson
 Ronald Loftin
 Koos van den Hout

Here is one answer I decided to send out in its entirity

 Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 07:47:11 -0700 (PDT)
 From: kevin graham <deleted>

 Cisco 3600 would be your best bet.. A 3660 would be good, though you
 might want to scale back to a 3640. There's a NM-32A module which is 
 32 serial ports. I know these usually come with octopus cables, 
 however you might want to check cisco's site to see if there's other

 You should be able to max out the 3660 w/ 6 of these (for 192 ports),
 or a 3640 with 3 (it takes 4 NM's, however has no onboard ethernet, so
 you'd need to save a slot for that).

 In IOS terms, you want a 'transport input ssh' for an async line (have
 your salesdroid check w/ their SE just to be sure).

 Other than this, I think your only option is the really lousy approach
 of a PC loaded out w/ multiport boards. Doing linux on a floppy or
 will make it a bit cleaner, but its pretty hokey IMHO.

Here are other suggestions (URLs) and my comments: (I have not analyzed
these well enough to figure out what is a good solution for me)
Remote access server.  Supports a whole bunch of protocols, but didn't
see SSH in there.
Runs on a Solaris box, with serial connections.  Since it is Solaris,
you can have latest SSH you like. (Soft/Hardware solution)
Seems to be KVM switches.
TS1000 and TS2000 - They are running Linux.  SSH included.
"Cisco 3640 w/ 1 Ethernet module & 3 Aysnc modules = ssh + 96 ports."
(See complete answer above, but I'm not sure how SSH is obtained)
Stallion serial ports. "You can get upto 254 ports per card last time 
I looked (several years ago). We had over 80 consoles from a linux box 
and it worked well."  (Hardware only)
Didn't see SSH, but it does have ID/Passwd and access rights per port
SCSI based serial connections for a Sun/PC/whatever. (Hardware only)
Unix Serial Port Resource page.  Has many links to everything_serial.

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