Summary: Transferring printers in Jetadmin

From: R. Marc Baldus <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 13:44:50 EDT
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Thanks, as always for the responses.&nbsp; Srujal D. and Thomas J. were
quick to point out a command specifically for performing such a task.
<p>/&lt;jetadmin install path>/bin/transferqueue&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
- for transferring the printers.
<br>/&lt;jetadmin install path>/TRANSFER.UNX&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - help file
for transferring printers.
<p>where for me &lt;jetadmin install path> was /opt/hpnp
<p>I will be attempting this later this week.
<p>Thanks again,
<br>Marc B.
<p>Original question:
<p>I have an old server where I have about 70 printers installed through
Jetadmin.&nbsp; I am retiring that server and moving everything over to
a new server.&nbsp; The old server is running Solaris 2.6 and the new server
is running Solaris 8.&nbsp; What I want to do is move all of the printers
from the old server to the new server without having to individually install
each one in Jetadmin.&nbsp; Is it as simple as copying the /etc/lp, /usr/lib/lp,
and /usr/share/lib?&nbsp; Are there other directories that also need to
be copied?
<p>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
R. Marc Baldus
Unix System Admin.
Emergency One, Inc.
Ocala, Fl
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