SUMMARY: /etc/system valuese

From: rick francis <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 13:18:17 EDT

are the values valid? the comments are intentional.

flim_fd_max is incorrect, it should be rlim_fd_max
pt_cnt and pty_cnt are dynamically managed by the
kernel and are therefore disallowed in /etc/system for


original post:
> >on boot up of a solaris8 420R, these values are
> >ignored. are they valid anymore?
> >
> >*limit_file descriptors
> >*set flim_fd_max=32768
> >*increase number of 5.x pseudo-ttys
> >*set pt_cnt=1024
> >*increase number of allowable ports
> >*set pty_cnt=3000

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