SUMMARY: stop+a on a lightwave

From: Rick Francis <>
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 22:57:31 EDT

all lightwave console servers are self configurable
for session break and system break. although not sure
what the factory defaults are, but after you log into
the console server, a ? reveals two edit commands,
whereby the current break signals can be noted.

mine was escape+a (little a)

thanks for tipping me off to where i could find that.


-----Original Message-----
> i'm on a lightwave 3200 and connecting to sol8
> 420 server.
> i need to boot from the cdrom with -s but can't
> get an
> ok>
> prompt.
> i'm using a regular pc keyboard, remotely connected.
> i've tried control+c, control+break, break (under pause),
> control+] (then type "send break")
> none of these work.
> help, what is the trick?
> rf
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