SUMMARY: Kernel version question: showrev != uname

From: Wolftales <>
Date: Sat Jul 14 2001 - 14:49:21 EDT
Thank you for the responces. Sorry for the late summary.

The obvious problem was the system may not have been rebooted since the
upgrade.  However, this wasn't the case or at least repeated reboots never
cleared up this discrepency.

Below was a responce that seemed summed up all the responces and sounds like
it is closer to the problem.  It appears I should think about reinstalling
this system to aciod the pain of rebuilding the /var/sadm ;)

Thanks to both Justin.Stringfellow@Sun.COM and

>Showrev says the kernel is 	103640-35
>while uname -a displays 	103640-36
>Why would these be different, or what could cause this? Is this just

uname -a can always be trusted - it queries the actual running kernel.
showrev will query the /var/sadm/... databases to find out what the
database thinks is loaded.

If they display different items then one of two things I can think of has

1. you've loaded a new kernel and not rebooted
2. you've got a screwed /var/sadm

I hope it's #1 because #2 is v. difficult to fix.
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