Summary: RE: Sun machine reboot itself

From: Raj, Dilip <>
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 19:09:55 EDT
Original Questions:

Sun Guurs,

Last night my Solaris 2.51 box reboot it self.  I have checked
/var/adm/messages file, but no clue what happened.

Can someone point me what  needed to do to find cause of system reboot
I will summerize it.
Many thanks to
Al-Sheikh, Hadeel (ISS Southfield) []
Cagri Yucel []
Hindley Nick []
*	Since /var/adm/messages file did not log anything, I could not get a
cause of this Reboot.
*	Somebody suggest to check Power Supply/UPS Logs because if PS is
fails, it will not Log in /var/adm/messages. I did not see PS failed.
*	prtdiag -v
*	Use last command to check activity
*	Enable crash dumps in /etc/init.d/syssetup. This is for future
System Crash. There is whole procedure for this one. If someone needs it,
Send me an Email.
*	Thanks for your supports. 
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