SUMMARY:DR - Bring BootDisk from UExx00 to E10K Domain

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 11:16:21 EDT
I received some responses,  all except for one is for the contrary -- that
it cannot be done.

A lone response from the venerable Mr. John S. Howard  from SUN Enterprise
Engineering  says that indeed with a full install (Entire Distribution+OEM)
of Solaris 8 on an UExx00 server contains the ncessary moduels/packages
necessary for using that same boot disk on a E10K domain. One must have an
/etc/ssphostname created on this disk to start the cvcd services (network
based console for the SSP) and one must be careful with the other components
(device paths, device drivers, netwrk configs, etc.). 



Original Messages:


Would it be possible to plug in a system disk running on a UExx00 to an E10K
domain? The UExx00 servers are all running Solaris 8 (Entire
Distibution+OEM). This is actually for DR purposes and one thing that I am
proposing is that we utilise D1000 or any pluggable disk solution and as
part of DR preparedness, a clone of the running OS be offsited periodically.
In the event of a DR, the disks will just be plugged into a ready E10K that
will also have D1000's so that OS recovery will be kept at a minimum and
turn-around times (for OS installs, etc..) will be faster.  I understand
there are issues with device drivers, Volume Manager and other software.. I
think we can overcome this and device procedures to reconfigure/revive these
things at DR site.... What I am curious is will the OS on URxx000 system
disk automatically fire up all the necessary modules (ie "cvcd"... consoles,
SSP communications)  -- considering that the install is Entire
Distribution+OEM?  I can uderstand that an E10K to E10K system disk movement
would be "easier" -- I just thought may be there could be someone in this
list who had attempted this....


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