SUMMARY: Implement DHCP on workstations

From: Pitts, Jeff P [DCSS] <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 09:31:24 EDT
I was close...

You only need to zero out the /etc/hostname.hme0 (not rm) and add
/etc/dhcp.hme0 to enable the workstation to brodacst DHCP requests to the

Thanks all

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Subject: Implement DHCP on workstations

I am looking to have all my workstations boot up and get IP's using the
Solaris 2.6 DHCP Client (the DHCP server already exists on a Win2k server).
I think I need to do this.

# rm /etc/hme.0
# touch /etc/dhcp.0

But how do I tell the workstations to find the dhcp server?
/etc/default/dhcp?   Using dhcpconfig?  Any assistance is appreciated.  


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