SUMMARY:Sparc Storage Array

From: David Henderson <>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 06:17:13 EDT
>>We have an old SSA which has an FC-AL interface.
>>It was replaced by a couple of nice A5000s a year or two back and has lay in a
corner since.
>>I was trying to get it working on an Ultra 1.  I plugged in an FC-AL card into
the box, plugged the optical cable between the card and SSA and did a boot -r.
>>It doesn't see the SSA.
>>Do I need to install any software to get it to work?  I assume the disk
controller is in the SSA as when I try to run the volume manager software that
came with it, it says it can't see a controller.
>>Any help appreciated.

Reason for problem.  I was using a 100 mb/s card which the A5x00 series can use.

The SSA needs a 25 mb/s card.

Thanks to the following for the quick and informative replies:

Justin Stringfellow
Sean Berry
Mark Cohem
Geoff Reed
Craig McLean
Frederic Lehmann

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