SUMMARY: Perhaps Off Topic (sorry) Searching Word Docs in Solaris

From: Wilkinson, Daniel <>
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 13:59:40 EDT
'catdoc' seemed to be the most popular, with many people reading my wooly
question a bit wrong and suggested the various amounts of Star-Office type
applications that can read them - sorry about that, will be more clear next

I compiled catdoc and tried it, and tbh it's no better than whacking it
through strings.

Thanks all.


Sorry to not be entirely on topic, but....

I'm knocking up a webserver, and until I can knock some sense into people
and get them to write their documentation in HTML instead of word, people
are just going to transfer their stuff over carte-blanche without converting
it.  I need to be able to search all these documents.  Does anyone know of
something that can do this?  Can I just whack the doc through strings and
pull out the text like that?


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