SUMMARY: color xterm in Sol 8

From: Eric Paul <>
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 16:25:18 EDT
Many thanks to all who responded.

A number of the people who responded seemed to think that I wanted to know 
how to set the background color of my xterm, which wasn't what I was 
asking.  Sorry for any miscommunication on my part, what I wanted was for 
my xterm to be able to display ANSI color correctly when an app like GNU ls 
is run.

Many people suggested I use rxvt instead, which wasn't quite what I was 
looking for either.  I happen to prefer xterms to rxvt and dtterm, and just 
wanted one that would handle ANSI color codes nicely.

Dennis Kelly was kind enough to suggest installing XFree86.  I had no idea 
that the X Consortium had managed to get XFree86 running on non-X86 
hardware, and was pleasantly surprised that XFree86 4.1.0 compiled just 
fine on my E420R running Solaris 8.  While this wasn't exactly a 
"lightweight" solution to my problem, it did get me an xterm that was 
capable of displaying color.

Thanks again everyone!


At 02:54 PM 6/28/2001, Eric Paul wrote:
>Other than switching to dtterm, is there any good way to get color out of 
>an xterm on Solaris 8?  I tried the usual setting TERM to xterm-color and 
>putting the proper entries in /etc/termcap and 
>/usr/local/lib/share/terminfo/x, but this didn't seem to work.  I still 
>get grayscaled characters instead of color ones.  I found a binary copy of 
>color_xterm out there, but this version seems braindead, it doesn't know 
>how to deal with a screen bigger than 80x24.  Any ideas?
>Thanks much in advance, will summarize.
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