SUMMARY: L1800 Robot & E250

From: David Glosser <>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 16:38:48 EDT
Short Question: 
DO I need a diffential SCSI adapter card to connect a
E250 to an L1800 robot.

Short Summary:

Original Question:
I've been asked on an emergency basis if we can
connect an L1800 Robot to an E250. The L1800 has
differential SCSI while the 250 has ultra-wide SCSI.
How can the two be made to talk to each other? Is the
only way to connect the two is by purchasing a
differential SCSI card in the 250? Thanks in advance.

I receive many simple "yes" replies, and the following
two detailed replies:

Jay Lessert:
That's right, if this is an HVD interface (and it
probably is).

Actually, you *can* get an adaptor, but it costs as
much as a new card, so it's usually not a win.

BTW, the adaptors and a pretty terrific set of SCSI
FAQs are provided by Paralan,

Another sort of SCSI FAQ central is

Greg Ulyatt:
Oooh, sorry mate, they can't talk. Differental
(excluding LVD, which is quite different) will not
talk on single-ended scsi busses, and vice versa. I've
tried everything, but I stopped trying after
discovering that putting a differental device
on a normal scsi chain (and, again, vice-versa), you
can fry the non-conformant device (so don't put
anything expensive on it!)

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