SUMMARY: E420 - Packet output errors

From: Jez Ahl <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 05:33:37 EDT
WOW - thanks for all your help managers!

Thanks go out to :-
Mike Kiernan,
Julian Simpson,
Thomas Knox,
Harry Ford,
Bernard Mcauley,
David LaPorte,
Derrick Daugherty,
Andrew Stueve,
Jay Lessert,

The problem turned out to be that the host was running at half-duplex, even
though the Cisco switch was set at 100 full duplex. The auto-negotiation
hadn't worked. We were getting *LOTS* of CRC errors, runts, giants, babble,
etc. Now I have forced the host to 100 full duplex these have gone away

The FAQ covers how to force your NIC to a particular speed or mode.
To determine what speed and mode you are running at, use the following

ndd -get /dev/hme link_speed      - Shows link speed - 0 = 10MB, 1 = 100MB.
ndd -get /dev/hme link_mode	    - Shows duplex mode - 0 = half duplex, 1
= full duplex.

FYI - These commands are quite safe to run on a remote host (at least they
were for me!).

Once again thanks for your help,


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Hi all,

Your help with this urgent problem will be appreciated :-)

I have an E420 (Solaris 7) which is showing lots of output errors on hme0
(via netstat -i 1).

Question1 - Is it possible to find out the source of these packets?
Question2 - Is this a hardware fault with the NiC? if so, how do I prove
this? - prtdiag shows no problems.
Question3 - This server is connected into a bridge group (of 4 ports) on a
Cisco 2948XL switch. All 4 ports are showing CRC errors. Do you think the
switch could be at fault, rather than the E420's NIC?

Thanks in advance.


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