SUMMARY: Changing The Screen Resolution On My Common Desktop Environment.

From: Yossi Gold <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 04:09:07 EDT
Well, as I suspected there was a very simple solution to a very simple

What I used was the "m64config"  command as most of you suggested. I
want to thank all of the people that answered my question:

Jonathan Jackson
Rene Occeli
Christian Iseli
John Malick
Wolf Schaefer
Zeev Fisher
Jay Lessert
John Martinez
William Yodlowski
Harvey Wambolt
Johnie Stafford
Ian Roddis
Kevin Colagio
Henrik Mortensen and last but not least,
Tony Tran

Thanks a lot guys, you helped me a lot :-)

Yossi Gold
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