SUMMARY: priority paging

From: Rasmussen, Thorfinn T <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 03:34:45 EDT
For once the mailing list wasn't actually the fastest way to the answer, but
what can you expect when you're doing systems work on a Saturday morning :)

I logged a call with Sun at the same time as I wrote the question, and they
got back to me within an hour.

The question was:

> I've set the kernel parameter priority_paging=1 and rebooted my system,
> I cannot find anywhere where I can see if the change has taken effect.
> There's nothing in the output from sysdef. Does anyone know where to look
> for this?

The answer is:

There is no single command to display that kind of kernel parameters. You'll
have to load up adb and have a look that way.

# adb -k /dev/ksyms

This will give you a return value - 0 for disabled, 1 for enabled.

There is a good document about priority paging on Sun's website

Thanks anyway to all who replied:
Jon Bidinger
Sean Quaint
Andrew J Caines
Brian Linder


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