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From: Timothy Lorenc <>
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 15:11:21 EDT
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David Markowitz
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Original Question:

I searched through the archives,, and
for a definitive answer on what the definition of a
168-pin JEDEC EDO ECC DIMM that can be used in an Ultra5/10
complies with in relation to PC memory. I find web-sites
selling 168-pin EDO DIMMs, but upon further research I
find out that in reality they are selling SDRAM style

Does anyone know of third party memory that works in an
Ultra10 that does not costs $500 for 256MB?


Responses Included:		256MB Ultra10 - $284.00		256MB Ultra10 - $231.00	256MB Ultra10 - Had to request a quote


While these were all good suggestions, they did not really answer
my questions as to what type of memory they Ultra10 was compatible
to with respect to PC 168-pin DIMM memory until I stumbled across
the following listing on ebay:
which compared the memory for an Ultra10 to be usable in other
"notably" PC/Intel-based systems.

On another note: The memory for Ultra5/10's must be installed in

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