SUMMARY: Monitor for Sun Blade 100

From: Eric Paul <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 13:13:55 EDT
Many thanks to all who replied (and the responses are still coming 
in).  General consensus is that any VGA monitor with a good refresh rate 
will work just fine.

Thanks to:

Angel Rivera
Justin Stringfellow
Allan West
Greg Nowicki
Warren Brennan
Toby Rider

And many more, as I said, responses are coming in even as I type this.


At 10:57 AM 6/22/2001, Eric Paul wrote:
>My company is looking at picking up some Sun Blade 100s for our 
>developers.  I know that I can cut the cost by using regular PC133 ECC 
>SDRAM instead of paying the insane price Sun gets for memory in their 
>store, but can I use a standard VGA monitor on them?  I can't seem to find 
>any specs on the display other than it is a standard HD15 connector.  I 
>would be looking to put an NEC Accusync series monitor on it.  Has anyone 
>on the list had experience with using regular monitors on a Sun Blade?
>Thanks!  I will summarize.
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