Summary: inetd problem?

From: Mt Dew <>
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 16:39:50 EDT
Everyone points to DNS resolv.conf and TCPwrapper.
Most likely is DNS resolve for me( don't run
TCPwrapper), I should check /var/adm/messages first...
Too many people replied. Thank you, you know who you

They are hanging there because they can't resolv the
hostname for the ip of
the incoming machine.  Add the machines to /etc/hosts
or use dns with proper
mappings, otherwise the daemons will hang because they
can't get the machine
name for that ip.

Is wasteland running TCPWrappers or hosts.allow/deny
files around your login
and telnet services?

If so, does the machine you're loggin in from have a
reverse DNS entry?
I.E., does the IP address resolve to a hostname?

If not, Let the session sit for at least 30 seconds. 
Maybe up to 5 minutes.
Eventually, you will get a login prompt.  Both of
those functions try to do
a double-reverse lookup to determine what IP/hostname
you're coming from,
and you're probably getting hung on the resolver
looking up the hostname.

have you tried to add the machine that you are
telneting from into the
/etc/hosts file? Does it hang FOREVER or just 2 min or
so? If you have
several entries in your /etc/resolv.conf for your
nameserver list for nis
then it can take a long time (sometimes a really long
time) for it to look
up. Does /var/adm/messages give you any info? run
inetd in debug mode and
see whats happening, that will give us a better idea
of what the prob
might be.

--- Mt Dew <> wrote:
> Managers,
> Here's my problem
> $ telnet wasteland
> Trying
> Connected to wasteland.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> and nothing returns after this. Neither ftp or rsh
> works. I have to restart inetd to get everything
> back
> to normal. Any idea what could went wrong. This
> happens on a lot of our machines running solaris 6.
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