Summary: Partition's Size for Sol-2.7

From: Atharva Karnik <>
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 18:57:40 EDT
Many Thanks for responses
   Gary Love
   Chris Palmer
   Ken Germann
   Jed Dobsom
   Wallis Peter
   Julian Simpson
   Karl Vogel

I had posted a question about Partition's size for
Sol-2.7, when I am upgrading OS on Sun m/c with

Almost all have concluded to have a bigger partition
for /var as it accocmodates logs, patches-info, etc.
and also to increase size for /usr

And secondly, there should not be any effect on the
third party tools/packages in /usr/local, 
but there can a possibility to recompile Apache.

Thanks once again


My original Question was: 

> Hi
> I am upgrading Solaris 2.5.1 to 2.7 on Apache
> Webserver.
> Does any one has an idea normaly, what should be
> partitions size should to be comfortable with to
> accomodate Solaris 2.7 needs ?
> Rt now we r hvg partitions as
> root         155 MB
> swap        1024 MB
> var          200 MB
> usr          372 MB
> usr/openwin  155 MB
> We have taken care of packages like Networker, SAS, 
> SAMFS (upgraded to support versions).
> We have packages/tools like Apache.1.3.4, Perl5.004,
> and so many compiled in /usr/local directory.
> Will upgrade affect executables in /usr/local ?
> Thanks in advance
> AK

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