SUMMARY: Jumper for Firmware upgrade on Ultra5's

From: BAUMLER Julie L <>
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 20:43:51 EDT
Original Question:

Does anyone know if there is a problem with leaving the JP2 jumper on an
Ultra5 or Ultra10 in the writable position?  This is the jumper that allows
you to upgrade the firmware on these systems.  I'm aware of the general
potential problems of having the firmware set to write enabled, but other
Suns (like the UE450's) come with the firmware jumper set to write enabled
and we leave it that way.  I'm looking for problems that would be specific
to the Ultra5 or Ultra10.

I received one answer from Christophe Dupre (Thanks Christophe!):

--- begin quote ---

there's no real problem other than the inherently insecure configuration -
note that a destroyed firmware (due to software bug, trojan, or other) may
leave your Sun unable to boot.
As for the E250, E450, etc, they can be made secure by turning the key in
the front to the 'locked' position, which also protect against STOP-A /
breaks coming from the console (serial A).

--- end quote ---

Since my particular concern at the moment is keeping firmware up-to-date on
a couple of rack-mounted test systems in a physically secure location, I'll
probably leave the jumper in the writeable position next time I have to move


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