SUMMARY: SUMMARY: Printing in landscape mode

From: Ebrahim Price <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 02:52:31 EDT
Hello ALL,

Thank you for your responses and suggestions; listed below your names

I have not attempted to use any

lpadmin -p PRINTER_NAME -o landscape

This worked for one printer but not the other. I am looking into why this is 
so. I will summarize again if an alternative, or better, solution is found.

My Thanks to:
Mohammad Ghaeini
Mark McManus
John Marret
Mike Ekholm
David Ernest Forness
Moti Levy

1. you do need a postscript printer....

cat filename | /usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint -p l | lp

2. Try this:

/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint -pland -l48 <FILE_NAME> | lp 

3. I use postprint; I have a little script like:

/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint -pland $1 | lp -d printername

4. lp -o landscape <filename>

We use the following in a script to print in landscape:

  /usr/openwin/bin/mp -w160 -l -o -p
/usr/openwin/share/xnews/client/mp/ $1 |  lpr -h -P$2

$1 - file name
$2 - printer name

Try enscript
it will allow for a lot of print manipulations
you can fiind it on


Printer support in solaris is very poor.  Plus different printers have 
different methods for setting the tray.  Some times you can pass the printer 
an option (-o) which specifies paper size and orientation, but often I find 
that options cannot be sent from clients to servers.  The only consistent 
way I have found to sort out these issues (though I'm using Solaris 2.6 
things might have improved!) it to hack the files in /etc/lp/interfaces and 
/etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig.  These files usually consist of a simple 
scripts that checks if the printer is a postscript printer or not and 
perhaps adds a postscript pre-amble to the pages, most printers will accept 
some sort of tray select within the pre-amble. - for HP deskjets the command 
apears to be n setpapertray (where n is the number of the paper tray).  This 
will overcome the problem on a server.  However, I don't like to copy these 
files to every computer in the s! ystem so my solution has been to set up 
individual ques for each option and hard code the option in the interface 
for that printer.  If you find some way of passing options from a client to 
a server I would be grateful as this could cut down on the work!


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>From: "Ebrahim Price" <>
>Subject: Printing in landscape mode
>Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 09:40:07 +0800
>Hello All
>I have a Sparc 10 running with Solaris 2.6. Attached are two
>Epson N2050 network printers; already configured and working.
>Problem: I need, urgently, to print in landscape mode. Can any
>one help with a Solaris solution? Will summarize.
>Abe Price
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