SUMMARY: Mailer 1.3

From: Frank J. Miles <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 09:16:32 EDT
The question was kind of long so I'll give you the answer and let you read
the question at the bottom if you like. 


installed Solaris7_Recommended Cluster patch.  It contained bugfixes
for both sendmail and dtmail.  I then made sure my /etc/mail/,
and my FQDN was listed in /etc/hosts.

Original Question:

> I'm admin'ng an Ultra1 Workstation running Solaris 7 with a local mail
> server.  The problem is that when you are using the CDE Mailer 1.3
> application you can receive and reply but cannot create
> and send new mail.It puzzles me how you can reply but you can't send.  
> After composing a message and hitting
> send I get a pop up window that displays this error.
> An error occurred while trying to send your message.  Check to make
> sure the message was received.
> If not, you may have to resend this message
> A Mailer operation has failed. Retry
> Mailer cannot send the message because one of the addresses may be
> incorrect.
> Make sure the addresses are valid and try again.
> I get this error in /var/log/syslog:
> Jun  5 14:16:58 sunhiz sendmail[1470]: OAA01470: from=milesfj, size=3,
> class=0, pri=30003, nrcpts=1,
> msgid=<200106051916.OAA01470@sunhiz.>, relay=milesfj@localhost
> It looks like a sendmail problem but sendmail doesn't have any
> problems . I can send, create messages
> to anywhere I desire by doing this.
>  /usr/lib/sendmail -v <address>
> I've also tested creating, replying with pine and it seems to work just
> fine.  

 Frank J. Miles
 System Administrator
Received on Fri Jun 15 14:16:32 2001

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