SUMMARY: L1000 SCSI parity errors.

From: Tristan Ball <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 22:08:49 EDT
Thanks to  Elizabeth Lee, Blayne Puklich, Fred Hall and Kevin Van Der
Hart for their responses.

I had already checked each of the jumper cables on the L1000, and I had
tried both the cables that we delivered with the Differential SCSI card.
Silly me to assume that they would be Diff cables. A browse of revealed that I
had 2:
X3832A 2-meter 68pin to VHDC UltraSCSI Cable 
CBL,U SCSI-3/VHDCI,68P 2M X6540A ULTRA SCSI         #530-2453 

And I assume I need:
X3830A 4-meter 68pin to VHDC differential UltraSCSI cable 
4-meter 68-pin to VHDC differential Ultra SCSI cable X3830a   #530-2454 

I have yet to test this however, I am waiting on the delivery of the
proper cables.


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From: Tristan Ball <>
Subject: L1000 SCSI parity errors.
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G'day folks.
I have a L1000 attached to a Ultra 5, currently configured with two
DLT7000 drives, attached to the host via a HVD adapter.
OS is Solaris 2.8

Using default options, I recieve hundreds of SCSI phase parity errors,
as soon as I try and access anything on the bus. Essentially useless.
Removing the changer from the bus, I can access both drives fine.

Reconnecting the changer, and disabling wide transfers using
scsi_options in /etc/system, and everything works fine.

My question is twofold:
1) Is it possible to tune scsi_options on an instance by instance basis,
rather than globally? It doesn't matter for the Ultra 5 (ide drive), but
the final host will be a E420, and I'd rather not disable the wide bus
for the internal disks!
2) Has anyone got any thoughts on why I have to do this? The L1000 (A
rebadged ATL 1000), says it support SCSI-3, Fast/Wide!


Tristan Ball
System Administrator
Vision Systems
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