SUMMARY: a state change.

From: Hindley Nick <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 07:02:09 EDT
Thanks to all those who made suggestions.

Among the many suggestions were to include scripts in rc0.d to trace what
was going on.

Because the system is not yet a production system I created a script
K00crash to force a dump (taken from Panic) 

#       used to force a system dump 
#       Nick Hindley 12/6/2001      
echo    "`date`: Forcing a crash!"  
adb -k -w /dev/ksyms /dev/mem <<!   
rootdir/W 0                         

Digging in the process table showed nothing funny... 

I also set auto-boot? to false to keep the system down and attached a matrix
printer to a vt220 and again I got nothing.

Finally, out of desparation, I enabled accounting and after wading through
the mass of data using acctcom finally found the offending shell script -
installed by one of out suppliers.

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