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From: Ahmed, Nabeel <Nabeel_Ahmed_at_bose.com>
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 16:28:14 EDT

Thanks to all who replied.
I needed to install the JetAdmin software from HP for Solaris. I didnt find
the version for Sol7 so installed the one for 2.6 and it worked fine.
I then removed the printer using admintool and installed it using Jetadmin. 

I had a small hitch, wherein JetAdmin wasnt letting me assign the queue name
that I wanted to assign to this printer. It kept saying the name was in use
already. I needed to go into /etc/lp/interfaces and remove the exisiting
file with the same name, after that I could assign the queue name that I
wanted to.


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I added a printer using admintool. The printer name is prn1
When I try to print to it using lp -o2+ -dprn1 testfile, I get a Warning:
prn1 not configured to handle all lp options. Ignoring : -0 2+. And it gives
me a normal printout of testfile. The option -o2+ is supposed to print the
file in landscape and book format giving two pages worth of text on a single

How do I configure all the lp options on the printer?

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