SUMMARY: Solaris & Intel 810

From: Brett Thorson <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 03:35:26 EDT
It seems people can't find the information needed to get Solaris working on
the Intel 810.

Since I was (I think) one of the first people to harass Sun about the
Intel810, I get e-mails asking how, and I see
them on the list.  Here is (what I hope) a complete set of instructions
on how to get Solaris & Intel 810/815 motherboards working
in harmony.

Any additions or changes, _please_ let me know.

Note that the patch that added the support for the Intel 810/815 has
recently been updated for a security

Thanks to all the folks at Sun for supporting Intel Architecture (We feel
your pain, and the benefits of your labors)

--Brett M. Thorson
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