SUMMARY: Netra T1 105 slow network

From: Sue Thielen <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 19:27:53 EDT
Well, I looked at everything... tried to move the disk into another box etc.
It seems that the error travelled with the OS. So I nuked the OS, and
Solaris 7. Now the machine is working OK.. except that I don't have any
patches on it.. 

Anybody out there have any ideas just what patch might have caused this
massive hassle?? I've just spent a few days with this, and now I'm at a
Do I install any patches at all?

Thanks for all the help out there


Original Post

I've just gotten a newish ( refurbed actually ) Netra T1 105.. and it;s
connect is intensely slow.. I'm wondering if there is any one who has had
the same
experience. ftping even small files is devilishly slow. I'm got most of the
set of patches for Solaris 7 on it..    Any that you might suggest?

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