SUMMARY: Max size drive in Ultra 1 (2 sbus and 3 sbus slots)

From: Christopher Ciborowski <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 13:55:16 EDT
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Fedor Gnuchev
Paul Updike
John Sullivan
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The answer seems to be a yes, and single-ended drive will work, including
newer LVD drives with jumpers to force single-ended SCSI.  Just want to keep
in mind cooling, as 10K-15K drives run hot and there is insufficient cooling
in the machine.

Again, this list rocks!


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Subject: Max size drive in Ultra 1 (2 sbus and 3 sbus slots)


I have a friend that is asking what the maximum size drive that can be used
in an ultra 1.  I checked the FE handbook, and it said that the 2 slot
enclosure (A12) can use a 4.2Gb drive, and the 3 slot (A11) can accept a
2.1Gb drive.

I know that they will work with a larger drive, but can it be a LVD drive
(Sun X5229A, X5234A)?

Thanks, and will summarize.


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