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From: heidia <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 09:09:30 EDT
Hey Everyone, 
This is not really a summary; I still have not
isolated a solution yet, thanks to many of you who


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Hello Everyone,
I know that this is not a sun issue, but many of you
probably deals with this Networker Backup System... I
have looked for a solution for the passed month, and
could not find any, called Legato and no help, so here
is my problem:

I have few Sun Servers running Solaris 2.6, that run
Legato NetWorker 5.5.2.Build.165 for backups; each
server has many groups, which has many clients.  For
this example I have one group that has three clients,
two of them are failing to be backed up, and one is
being succeeded "did not include the succeeded client

NetWorker Savegroup: (alert) GroupName completed, 3
client(s) (Client1, Client2 Failed)
Start time:   Tue Jun  5 02:00:00 2001
End time:     Tue Jun  5 11:00:25 2001

--- Unsuccessful Save Sets ---

* Client1:/ 1 retry attempted
* Client1:/ 06/05/01 08:21:16 nsrexec: Attempting a
kill on remote save
* Client1:/ aborted due to inactivity
* Client1:/logdisk has been inactive for 101 minutes
since Tue Jun  5 07:29:36 2001.
* Client1:/logdisk is being abandoned by nsrexec.
* Client1:index 1 retry attempted
* Client1:index 06/05/01 11:00:25 nsrexec: Attempting
a kill on remote save
* Client1:index aborted due to inactivity

* Client2:/ 1 retry attempted
* Client2:/ save: lost connection to server, exiting
* Client2:/ 06/05/01 04:35:55 nsrexec: Attempting a
kill on remote save
* Client2:/ write: Bad file number
* Client2:/ aborted due to inactivity
* Client2:/logdisk 1 retry attempted
* Client2:/logdisk save: RPC error, Unable to send
	Client2:/logdisk save: lost connection to server,

Any thoughts?   Thanks in advanced!!

Heidi A.

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