SUMMARY: Netstat problem

From: Konstantin Orekhov <>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 11:34:51 EDT

Got just few responses, most of them suggested to check permissions on
netstat, BUT I've wrote in my original email that my netstat perms are good.
One of responses suggested to check if we run snmpdX - no, we don't. I guess
that "mib" in error output makes some confusion here.

Anywho, thanks to Mr. Bill :) who pointed me in right (and narrowed)
direction - it'd a kind of pain to check perms on all /dev/* files, so
checking /dev/tcp, /dev/udp and /dev/ip did the trick.

For some reason /devices/pseudo/clone@0:ip had GID "root", but it has to be
"sys", because netstat is owned by root:sys and has SGID bit, so correct
perms are:

$ ls -l /usr/bin/netstat
-r-x--s--x   1 root     sys        50712 Oct  6  1998 /usr/bin/netstat*
$ ls -l /devices/pseudo/clone@0:ip
crw-rw----   1 root     sys       11,  3 Jul 12  2000

Thanks to all who responded!


Konstantin Orekhov

-----Original Message-----
> Hello managers!
> I'm having a small problem here with one of our Sun boxes.
> I'm not able to run netstat as regular user because of permission
> $ netstat -i
> ip open: Permission denied
> can't open mib stream: Bad file number
> As root - no problem, any other user - see above.
> I've compared permissions on netstat itself and all
> that netstat uses (got those thru truss) with working machine, and didn't
> find any discrepences.
> I was hoping that latest recommended cluster will fix that problem, but
> apparently the problem somewhere in /dev tree, although other applications
> don't seem to be affected.
> Did anyone see that problem before?
> What would be the best way to find what actually is wrong?
> The machine is running Solaris 7 106541-16.
> Any help/pointers will greatly appreciated!
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