SUMMARY: find what libs are linked in a dynamic file?

From: Mark King <>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 09:38:26 EDT
ldd or pvs where the commands to use.

Many, many thanks to:
	Teasdel, Paul 
	Karsten Vestmar
	Christopher L. Barnard 
	Reichert, Alan 
	Bob Rahe 
	Paul Wilkinson 
	Mike Kiernan
	Mike Salehi
	Vipin Sharma 
	Hindley Nick
	Andy Lee
	Mark McManus
	John Leadeham
	Petri Kallberg 
	Michael Schulte 
	Martin Carpenter
	Matthew Stier
	Ric Anderson

The list can be a real life saver when you have a rush job etc.

cheers all,
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