summary: Copying data from filesystems

From: Sun solaris <>
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 23:09:35 EDT
 I got a number of replies, thanks to all who
replied.I have not yet decided on the way i am going
to use but the suggested solutions were using dd
command, tar, ufsdump & ufsrestore etc. I am including
one of the reply which seems to be a good one.

Let's see:

1. mirror the disks
2. vxdump / vxrestore pipe (something like: 'vxdump 0f
$wherever ; vxrestore xv -)' )
3. same syntax as number 2, but using tar.
4. try: cd $FILESYSTEM_TO_COPY; find . -print | cpio

 Thanks for the replies
original question:

 I need to copy about 18*6gb of data from 6 disks to 6
other disks, all these disks are having vxfs & have
about 12 veritas volumes.can somebody give a fast &
easy way to do this.


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