SUMMARY : Yet another E10K Problem -- CB0's Power Situation Remai ns RED

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. <>
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 15:51:08 EDT
I did not receive any feedback on this, however, just when the Sun people
were about to shut down the domains and replace the control board (CB0), I
suggested to have the SSP first rebooted and lo and behold! everything's
normal on the CB0 power status. As everything was normal and working, we no
longer proceeded with the CB- replacement and assumed it was a problem with
the SSP daemons. We will however ask Sun to make sure firmware on the CB's
are updated and have scheduled a maintenance window along with the CPU swaps
for the 'Sombre'  type CPU's  that was the subject of an earlier post - E10K
DOmain Crash -Ecache Problem.



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> Subject:	Yet another E10K Problem -- CB0's Power Situation Remains
> E10K, fairly new, had a history of Ecache CPU problems, system board
> failure, opened up several times in its brief lifetime now is exhibiting
> an always faulty (RED condition) situation in HostView's Power Stats.
> Aside from this condition, the platform is operating normally, all domains
> are up (so far).  Hostinfo reports:
> Control Brd  5VDC    5VDCPer 5VDCFan Sen0    Sen1    Sen2
> -----------------------------------------------------------
>     0        40.232  30.222  38.767  23.974  25.537  23.437  
>     1        43.284  31.321  39.744  24.511  25.732  24.267  
> Sun Support is suggesting replacement of the control board asap because
> they could not pinpoint whether it is a faulty sensor, faulty TCL/TK
> routine (we are running SSP 3.2/Solaris 2.7 on thte SSP host) or some
> other progressing control board fault.  Any of you experienced this
> problem yet..? 
> Thanks!
> Nelson Caparroso
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