SUMMARY : Sun Network Cache and Accelerator (SNCA)

From: Farzad Hejazi <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 13:58:46 EDT

I'm having a problem configuring the SNCA (Sun Network Cache and
Accelerator) software as provided with Solaris 8.
After working with SUN support I was able to resolve a series of problems
but they were not able to help me in configuring Apache web server to use
the SNCA module.

I could not find any information anywhere on how to accomplish this.

The official SNCA white paper only points out that the following statement:

#LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ web_server

be used before invoking the webserver.
I tried to include this in the httpd.conf file without any success.

Does any one have any experience getting Apache working with SNCA?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Farzad Hejazi


The LD_PRELOAD line (without the '#' symbol) has to go into
the bin/apachectl script shipped with Apache. The Apache 1.3.12
shipped with Solaris 8 and Sun patch 109234-02 already has
NCA support in /usr/apache/bin/apachectl.

SNCA could be a nice feature, but documentation is extremely sparse.
At least beware of the following:

1. "ndd -get /dev/nca \?" gives you a lot of tuning parameters.
2. Set "KeepAlive Off" in httpd.conf (according to Sunsolve FAQ 3220)
   since NCA handles KeepAlives itself.

Most people gave up on SNCA because of lack of documentation and/or
performance issues (probably they didn't know about 2.).

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