SUMMARY:Root Password Aging, How to shut off. No solution.

From: Steve Hastings <>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 14:56:33 EDT

First I would like to thank the many that responded, this time I got 12
responses in the first 15 minutes, and more later.

Many have suggested editing /etc/shadow, but again, I am trying to make it
permanent. Editing /etc/shadow only turns off aging until you change the
password again.

I was looking for a solution that didn't effect other users, ( root only),
that eliminates  /etc/default/passwd.

and passwd -x -1 root is only temporary also, until the next password
change. Many pointed out my typo.

One suggestion to investigate the use of pam, if anyone is use pam to do
something like this, I'd like to hear about it.

Got many responses this time, but none of the  suggestions is permanent
through passwd changes.

Well, maybe it can't be done????




I only recieved a couple of responses to my post, and still don't have a
solution that will  permanently turn off root password aging.

Any other ideas, thoughts,


My original post, slightly modified:


Seems simple and I'm sure it is, just haven't  done it.

How do you PERMANENTLY  turn off root password aging,

Have tried  passwd -x 1 root, it comes back after a password change,

I seem to remember a file has to be edited, or actually I don't remember.
May be confusing it with other users, /etc/default/passwd.

I know its the entry in /etc/shadow that causes it, and editing it and
removing the aging info, works, but comes back after a password change.

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