SUMMARY: crond restart

From: Mark Lewis <>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 10:31:12 EDT
ok, it doesn't look like there's much better than a good old fashioned
stop/start to refresh cron in the event of having many automated changes
being made to the crontabs.  thanks for the various flowery alternatives.


original post

best way of restarting the cron daemon from a script so all it does is
reread the crontabs:

a) /etc/rc2.d/S75cron stop and start	(dont like this, can not work)
b) find the pid manually and kill it; restart cron
c) send a kill -HUP a la inetd		(dont think this works.  plus, time
stamp of the process is not updated which would have been helpful)
d) something else

interested in people opinions here.


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