SUMMARY: Server rebooting---Cause unknown

From: Pitts, Jeff P [DCSS] <>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 10:29:35 EDT
The consensus is to check the core dumps.  I had to delete it because the
system has "var" as part of the root file system, which was 100% full after
the system rebooted. So, I dont have an answer just yet.  Im setting
auto-boot? false, so if it crashes again I can boot to single user and copy
the core file to tape.  Also exploring options to grow the root file system
(One person noticed that I have 2.5GB for swap space, and he said Sol 2.6
only utilizes up to 2gb of /tmp.  I have not verified that yet, but if it is
correct, I may yank that .5gb of space, and add it to root;)

Thanks to all those who reponded!

NOTE: a few expressed concerns over the known CPU problems in the 400mhz
versions.  (Sarcasm ON)I guess I should have mentioned that the cpu's are
BLAZING away @ 168mhzm :)

> Hello All,  Ive got a server that has crashed or rebooted 
> 2x's in the last 3
> weeks.  I have not been able to identify a cause so far.  No 
> messages in
> syslog.  prtdiag -v shows no failures or faults.  I suspected 
> a problem with
> the UPS, but prtdiag shows the most recent power failure at a 
> date that I
> know the power actually went out.  Is there another facility 
> (maybe syslog)
> that can track power failures.  The server has been up for 
> about a week now,
> but I am paranoid about another crash.   
> Other info:  / file system is NOT full
> 2.5GB swap space
> 1.5GB RAM
> Solaris 2.6 (Entire Distro)
> Enterprise 6000 (16 slot SBus arch.) sun4u
> ?? anything obvious that I might be overlooking ??
> Suggestions welcome.  
> Jeff
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