SUMMARY: AC200 with 32 bit kernel?

From: O'Yang Kai <>
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 18:03:31 EDT
Thanks to:
David Manchester,
Casper Dik,
Trevor Paquette.

Answer is NO. AC200 or Netra X1, or Ultrasparc III do not support 32 bit

Unfortunately this means we'll have to wait until NAI releases a 64bit
or use another box like Ultra 5/Ultra 10.


> From: O'Yang Kai [] 
 > Sent: Thursday, 31 May 2001 3:12 PM 
 > To: '' 
 > Subject: AC200 with 32 bit kernel? 
 > Hi, 
 > I need to install a 32-bit only Gauntlet Firewall 6.0 on an 
 > AC200. The box 
 > came with Solaris-8 64bit installed. I tried booting it up 
 > with 32 bit by  
 >    reboot -- "-s -D kernel/unix" 
 > and it came back saying "Can't load krnld $CPU" 
 > and said try booting in 64 bit mode. 
 > So, does AC200 support 32 bit kernel? 
 > Thanks in advance, 
 > Kai 
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